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You cannot afford to start a gym without top rated ellipticals
Thursday 3 December 2015 @ 4:38 am

I realized that when I started this business, rather after I burnt my hands the first time. I have always been into different forms of exercises, including yoga. I underwent training in yoga, and today I have an enviable figure to show for it. My husband encouraged me to start a gym that would be comprehensive with different forms of training available in one place. I agreed and began planning for it. I compromised on ellipticals for getting more complex machines. That was a blunder. Most of the people who joined came in to use the ellipticals, and the long queue did not appeal to them. Soon there were fewer members joining my gym. To top it all, I’d bought machines that could not keep track of much of the data. I thought my employees could keep track of much of that. So I went in for old and second hand machines. I was wrong on all counts. Gym employees do not record information, and second hand machines break down more frequently.


It would have been shutters for my business when the salesperson of Schwinn dropped in. He gave me information about some elliptical machines with features that I had not seen in my previous gym. As I read through those pamphlets, I realized where I was going wrong. I asked him if there was a way I could get finance for buying these machines. He said yes, it was possible to arrange for finance as well. I did not waste a minute after that. I checked the net for top rated ellipticals, and found that Schwinn’s ellipticals figured in almost all the lists. In fact, these ellipticals were often in the first five. I short listed the machines that I could use, and prepared my budget. I naturally wanted machines that could show to my customers how many calories they were burning, or for how long they’ve been exercising.

I was delighted that many of the machines that I have eventually purchased from Schwinn allow customers to set their targets and monitor their progress each week or month. This certainly reduces my workload at the gym. I only needed to ensure that the machines that I purchased could be used for exercising upper as well as lower parts of the body and they could be accommodated in the room I have for these ellipticals. I also read the injury statistics, and Schwinn ellipticals had lowest number of them. I selected ergonically perfect machines, based on whatever little knowledge I have about ergonomics and combining it with my knowledge of yoga. Though I did not give much importance to cardio, resistance, and programs, I realized that they were important, as was the weight that each of these machines could withstand. Today, I know how to manage my gym better because of such information, which unfortunately I had not thought of when I started the gym. I am now focusing on the number of workout programs these ellipticals offer, different levels of resistance, etc. I have also bought a couple with fans in them. I know how much we can sweat with such exercises.

The salesperson from Schwinn was extremely helpful in my selection. He advised that I replace the machines slowly, and he also helped me to find new customers. In about six months since my first Schwinn purchase, my gym is making profits, and I am more confident now about faring even better in future. I have also added a few Yowza ellipticals to the list. The inclines in these are electronically adjustable. These look very sturdy and can blend easily with the Schwinn machines that I have purchased. I was also lucky enough to find a Sole E95 in second hand market. Though this is not as elegant as Yowza, it can be moved easily. A few of my customers are high profile folks. They arrive in the city for short stay and do not like to come to the gym, where they will be mobbed. I reserve this machine for them because of its portability and functionality.

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Choosing a virtual office for your business
Wednesday 2 December 2015 @ 6:44 am

Did you know that 20% of American work from home? Pretty amusing, huh? Well, the truth is that every day more people decide to find a remote job instead of working in the office or even open their own businesses. I decided to do the same thing a few years ago and I never looked back. If you are thinking of starting your own business you should definitely consider renting a virtual office. Don’t worry if you have no idea what that is – I’m going to tell you about it: what it is, why you need it, how to find one and which option to choose.

serviced-office (1)

A virtual office provides your business an official address, communication and other services without providing an actual space. Some companies will provide you a receptionist, mail forwarding cervices, an option of renting conference rooms for your meetings, etc. So renting a virtual office is a great idea if you want to make a good impression on your partners and customers and give your business a boost.

When I decided to rent a virtual office I found out that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There were so many options! The first thing you have to consider is location. Do you need a fancy office building in a big city or a place in your town that will be used for your business meetings? Do you need an address in the most expensive office building to look successful or can you settle for an ordinary place? Think carefully and decide for yourself. Thousands of options can be found online of websites like Another thing to keep in mind is that companies offer you different services that may or may not be included in the price. So don’t forget to check if you will need to pay extra for receptionist services, voicemail, mail and package forwarding, call center, etc. Also it’s a good idea to find out how much renting a meeting room is and if you can rent it on short notice.

After considering all of those things and doing some research online I eventually found a space that was perfect for me. Hopefully, same will happen for you. Good luck!

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Best raised air mattress for every day use
Wednesday 30 September 2015 @ 2:50 am

Recently, we bought an air bed for our camping trip. But now, we need a more permanent type of air mattress. I have developed a backache, and my doctor asked me to see if it is the mattress that is giving me the problem. I tried sleeping on couch but as you know, couch is alright for a day or two, but not for continuous usage. I get up feeling cramped. This is why we are considering purchasing another mattress. In fact, we are also considering replacing the bed altogether. But before we can finalize on that, we need to confirm whether it is the mattress that is giving me those backaches. My husband is a very wise man. He thinks things through before purchasing. Unlike him, I am impulsive, most of the time. So my husband said, let us go for air mattress this time. Let us go for the best air mattress brand. If it is not something that reduces your backache, we can at least use it for guests. I couldn’t agree more. We live almost in the heart of our town, and people to come to our place more often for different reasons such as getting permissions from government, admitting children to schools, and even consulting physicians.

But I am getting holder, and backaches are making it difficult for me to fulfill my family obligations. I definitely liked the idea because changing the bed for no good reason can be expensive too. Therefore, I told him, go ahead and search for one. My only requirements were that the air mattress should remain firm throughout the night, or whenever I am sleeping or sitting on it, and it should have at least the height of the couch.


My husband searched for best raised air mattress for every day use and found only three of such mattresses that came closer to fulfilling my needs, though not completely. The best among these was from SoundAsleep, check out here. This was the only air mattress, which, on inflating reaches approximately 19 inches in height. I am a bit disappointed that they don’t make air mattresses for elderly people like me, who would love the bed to be a few more inches higher. But the good news is that I don’t need pillows in this raised bed. Nor does it take long time to be raised or make much noise. They mentioned something like coil technology, which I presume works like a bone structure. To prevent the air from escaping easily as is normal in air mattresses, they have added additional flaps in opposite directions, or so my husband explained to me. I also like the fact that the pump is built in. That saves me from cleaning under it, and searching for it when I need it.

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Getting Your Own Sewing Machine
Thursday 17 September 2015 @ 2:44 am

A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch pieces of fabric or leather together. The invention of sewing machine during the industrial revolution greatly reduce the amount of work done in the clothing companies. Today, sewing machines are either commercial or for personal use. Commercials are used for large scale production of clothing. These machines are much bigger and faster in order to accommodate the large volumes of work presented to them. On the other hand , Personal sewing machines are a lot smaller as they are meant for personal use and don’t necessarily need to super fast.


Sewing machines vary with the stitch work they produce. Over time, inventions have come up with various stitching techniques aimed at making clothing embroidery a marvel. Some of the most common stitch types include; Chain stitch, over-lock stitch, lock stitch and cover stitch. These types of stitches are used by tailors depending on the outcome the tailor intends to get out of their work. That is why its advisable to use different stitch styles to get different results. For example; to make home decor, a tailor will use a different stitch style as compared to making clothing outfits.

The invention of sewing machine has been a major engineering breakthrough. Apart from making clothing and shoe making convenient, fast and economical; it has also created a major income generating industry in the form of the fashion industry. This industry’s owes it’s success to the invention of sewing machines. Major sewing machines like Singer, Brother, Janome and Bernina have been in the fore front of this revolution. This is because they offer efficient, economical, easy to use and affordable sewing machines for personal or industrial use. Maintenance of a sewing machine is relatively cheap as it only requires regular greasing of the movable parts. This makes it the ideal home partner as its relatively cheap to maintain.

In conclusion, sewing machines are life savers and their invention should be given due credit as everybody in the modern day benefits from it. That is why its invention will continue reaping benefits years after the first one was made.

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The Best Sewing Machine Brands to Buy
Tuesday 8 September 2015 @ 9:25 am

The invention of sewing machine has not only made work easier for the world over but it can also be said to be the most beneficial invention ever made for women.The earliest sewing machine can be traced back in France in 1841 and was basically used for creating army uniforms. Due to the increase in demand, sewing machines have been tailored over time for sewing leather or clothing. Consequently, making shoes and clothing have been made a lot easier and hence sewing machines are some of the most sought after commodities in the market. Although the modern sewing machine is powered by electricity, machines powered by pedal continue to exist especially in areas without electricity power like in many third world countries.


Best types of sewing machines
Just like cars, its very hard to conclude which type of sewing machine is the best in the market. However the following brands have been in existence for a very long time making them time tested. These brands include; Brother, Singer, Janome and Bernina. Brother sewing machine was first made in Japan. This machine offers the user with flexibility and ease of use. Singer on the other hand has had major break through in sewing innovations by being able to create the zigzag sewing machine which is perfect for making home decor and clothe embroidery. Janome is credited for being the first sewing machine to be computerized. It has its origin in America and continue to spew quality sewing machines years later. Bernina is known for making high quality and high end sewing machines. As compared to the other sewing machine companies, Bernina sewing machines prices are quiet steep but they offer value for money.

In conclusion, rating sewing machines can be quit hectic. However, the best sewing machine brands to buy offer the best value for money in terms of prices. They are also versatile and easy to use. With this in mind, its always advisable to go for a sewing machine that offers you quality and is affordable.

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